Welcome to the personal webshite of Jonny Burch

I'm a designer, product wonk, founder and reader of internets.

I'm currently building Progression, a career development product that employees actually want to use. I know right?

Before all that (amongst other things) I led consumer design at now foodicorn Deliveroo (LON:ROO) for a bit, powered £1.8m+ of donations for 300k+ NHS staff meals during covid, helped to build a bank for children that made ahem, headlines, published 6 issues and 15,000 copies of a sweary magazine for creative graduates that my dad disapproved of and organised a 30 day creative festival on a dime in the middle of Shoreditch. I also interviewed Goldie and watched him chainsaw a tree, which was nice.

I can mainly be found online on X, LinkedIn or adding occasional longer updates on this site (see below).

Writing, speaking etc.